Why fully flush?

Any airport that operates in the Snow Belt has experienced the hassle whenever there is a snow fall. Either the hard plastic blade penetrates the rubber gasket on the prism, or the steel blade take its toll, both incidents demands the operator for immediate action to repair the damaged lights in order to fulfill the CAT II/III operation requirement.

It is commonly known that a replacement and repair of one single fixture will demand at least 35  - 40 minutes. A CAT II/III airport seldom has less than 5000 lights, and you don’t have to be Einstein to see that this easily can turn into a night mare.

The fully flush Advanced Light that is in compliance with the current regulations, gives you the option of a dramatic reduction of maintenance as there is nothing to be hit. The snow plough goes straight over, and the flatness of the optical part will withstand the sweeper much better than the upraised conventional prisms.

Can your airport afford to say no to reduce your maintenance during the season with up to 70%?