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Advanced Light AS (ADLI) is a Norwegian plc based on Fornebu, a 15 minutes drive from the city centre of Oslo. The company has around 150 shareholders, whereas the ten largest has about 85% of the share capital.

ADLI developes and manufactures fully flush fixtures for both airport and road markets. Previously the production of lights was outsourced, but in order to gain full control of the quality assessment, it was decided to move into new premises August 2006, and manufacture inhouse. Today, two years later, we see that the decision was right, and that the quality level is acceptable and the lead times have dropped dramatically to the customers satisfaction.

We supply serious products for serious users in serious environments!

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  Fornebu Memorial
Photo: Advanced Light/Herman Anker

May 30th 2008 our Advanced Light series with bi-directional green LED's saw the daylight. 27 bi-directional fixtures over 200 meters distance were put into operation for its first time in Fornebu Park, the previous main airport for Oslo, Norway.  The purpose of the lights is to remind about where the airport once was. The function is just for architectual landscape purposes. It was impressive to notice the brightness from the LED's at the extreme sunshine present. The distance between the lights are 7,5 meters.

The park will be handed over to Statsbygg September 2nd 2008.