LFV extends framework agreement with Advanced Light
LFV/Tommy Säfström

June 2008: 

LFV, Luftfartsverket (the Swedish CAA) has called their option for extension of the framework agreement of the supply of airfield lighting fixtures for one more year. This is a clear recognition of the product acceptance at one of Scandinavia’s major hubs, Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) as well on other Swedish airports.

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CPH adds more taxiway guidance signs
Drawing by Heman Anker

June 2008

Copenhagen airport expands with more taxiway guidance signs supplied from Advanced Light. The quality of the sign construction and simplicity in maintenance of the light sources has made the choice of product easy. Compared to other competing products, the Clearway sign promotes itself with the standardized sizes for easier spare part logistics. Furthermore, the cabinet assembly has proven to be a long life construction that also is capable of withstanding the impact of snow clearing in an excellent way. After the installation of the next supply, 27 signs will be highly visible and giving proper guidance to the pilots maneuvering on the busiest airport in the Nordic region.   

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Karlstad Airport has installed ADLI
Picture with courtecy of LFV Karlstad

May 2008

The inset lights on Karlstad Airport in Sweden has the last couple of years suffered from severe winter maintenance damages. Therefore they now have decided to replace existing lights with Advanced Light based on the feedback from successful installations at Arlanda Airport. Advanced Light drops perfectly into the adapter ring of the previous brand installed, and no extra measures have to be taken. 

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Intertraffic Amsterdam 2008, a busy venue

April 2008

Intertraffic Amsterdam was a very busy event for Advanced Light. In the aftermath we see that the use of inpavement lights have increased significantly since the last show. However, a lot of users informed us that their installations of competing products had not worked out as intended. And some of the reasons can be listed as:

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Tram crossing protection in Sweden

September 2007

In the city of Norrkoping in Sweden, Rocon I has been installed to prevent incursions between vehicles and the tram drining into the street area. According to the tram company the installation has been a success, and they are now looking into similar areas where the light will be used. Due to the flat surface the lights are not exposed to the steel blades  used for snow removal during the winter season. The installation and commissioning was carried out by ES Trafik & Belysning AB in Sweden.

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CPH buys more lights from Advanced Light

March 2008

After succesful installations of Advanced Light on Copenhagen airport last fall, they have experienced close to zero damages from this winter snow plough use. CPH has now placed new orders with Advanced Light in order to expand and thus reduce the overall maintenance cost of their taxiway inset lights.

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OSL buys more lights
Photo from OSL

January 2008

August 2006 Advanced Light moved into new premises on Fornebu right outside the city border of Oslo. This was a part of the process of improving the quality of the products by taking control of the assembly of the lights. After a careful evaluation of the products OSL continues from January 2008 to replace conventional lights with Advanced Light. After the latest order there will be more than 1500 lights installed.

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Fornebu memorial

September 2007

Advanced Light has supplied Rocon II now also as architectural lighting. High intensity green LED lights have been installed in a line pointing out from the old airport tower in order to give impression of the runway that was shut down in 1998. The installation consists of 27 bi-directional units. Now the area is rapidly growing with IT centers, soccer stadium and living areas.  

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Rocon 2 DRM in Spain
Advanced Light has supplied close to 100 units to Spain. The lights are installed in conjunction with the Vielha tunnel in the Pyrenees. The tunnel is equipped with three lanes that are reversible, and to avoid misunderstandings during the different driving patterns during snow fall, the lights are equipped with low voltage halogen bulbs instead of LED’s. This is needed due to the heat dissipation the halogen lamp gives.
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LFV Sweden installs Advanced Light


September 2007 the Swedish CAA (LFV) installed more than 250 taxiway centre line lights from Advanced Light. With immediate good feedback this order was increased to with another 50 units installed December 2007. So far LFV has concluded that the operation of the lights is going according to expectations. Zero to none damages and maintenance.

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MLR Moss Lufthavn Rygge with signs from Advanced Light
During fall 2007 Moss Lufthavn Rygge installed somewhat 100 taxiway guidance signs supplied by Advanced Light AS. These signs are connected to a series circuit system fed from a CCR, Constant Current Regulator. The signs are equipped with fluorescent tubes that ensures a low power consumption and long life time on the light sources. The signs are dimmable from the circuit, which means that if a pilot complains to the tower that they are too bright, a push button in the tower will immediately reduce the brightness on the signs. These signs are not comparable to advertising signs. They are constructed for the rigid enoviroment an airfield can offer, and they are installed on frangible legs to provide minimum resistance if they should be hit by an airplane.
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Advanced Light AS continues to supply OSL with cost saving fixtures
January 2006:
Advanced Light AS continues to supply OSL with cost saving fixtures. In Q1 2006 another 500 fixtures will be replaced on OSL. OSL has documented cost savings of more than 60% compared to conventional fixtures.

AVINOR awards the tender for SOLA LUFTHAVN to Advanced Light
22. feb 06:
AVINOR awards the tender for SOLA LUFTHAVN to Advanced Light. The contract includes 820 full flush inset fixtures with bases, transformers and connector kits.

Avinor installs full flush aiming zone and full flush runway centre line light on several Norwegian airport
Advanced Light have during the summer and fall 2006 installed full flush aiming zone and full flush runway centre line light on several Norwegian airports.
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Montreal orders Advanced Lights' fixtures
Advanced Light AS has now received an order for more than 200 taxiway centre line lights to Canada, more specific Montreal Dorval International airport.
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Advanced Lights signs framework agreement with LFV
June 2006: Advanced Light AS was awarded a framework agreement contract with LFV, Luftfartsverket (the Swedish CAA) for the supply of fully flushed taxiway centre line lights and stop bar lights for the next three years.
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